Generals Bring Common Sense To Standards Discussion

James Rogers, Tony Jones and Jim Myles have three things in common.  1.  They all live in the Huntsville area.  2.  They are all retired Army generals.  3.They think the idea of repealing the Alabama College & Career Ready standards is a very bad idea. Reporter Lee...

March 18, 2019: The Day My World Changed

Since my car is 20 years old, I am never too surprised when I have to take it to the shop.  So why am I bewildered when my body--which is 56 years older than my car--needs the oil changed and brakes redone? Still I am. I'd not been at the top of my game for several...

What Happened To Alabama Values?

How many times have we listened to some Alabama politician rant and rave about "Alabama values:?  The obvious implication being that if you are not from Alabama, you are not as smart, good-looking and genteel as we are.  Remember when George Wallace proudly claimed...

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