Thoughts Prompted By Graduation

My friend Wendy Lang is a former educator, an advocate for public education and a single parent who understands the value of those who invest in the lives of children.   She is also a regular columnist for the Decatur Daily, her hometown newspaper. She just attended...

Challenge Failed.  On With The Campaign.

Challenge Failed. On With The Campaign.

As we explained a couple of days ago, after being challenged in March about running on the Republican ballot for Montgomery County Board of Education, I was challenged again by former legislator Perry Hooper, Jr. of Montgomery in late April. I am happy to report that...

More Trash

More Trash

So, the attacks about my running for the Montgomery Board of Education continue. This time I am branded as a racist.  See it all here. Someone went to the trouble to go back 36 years and dig up an article from the Montgomery Advertiser where a reporter said that I...

Politics Rears Its Ugly Head

Politics Rears Its Ugly Head

NEVER did I think that when I decided to run for the Montgomery school board things would turn as ugly, disgusting and sickening as they have. And sadly, I have learned that there are some who put politics WAAY above anything that may benefit the school children of...

Why Testing Has Failed Our Schools

The over emphasis on test scores (can you say A-F report cards?) is wrong-headed and detrimental to students and our school systems. Here is a great article from District Administration magazine by Tim Goral exploring this topic.  Tim interviewed Daniel Koretz, one of...

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