Why Did Doug Jones Win?

Because his name was not Roy Moore. While it sounds overly simplistic, the primary reason Democrat Doug Jones stunned the political world in Alabama’s Dec. 12 special election for U.S. Senate was because he was not the other guy. This is not to take anything away from Jones and the masterful campaign he ran, which… Read More

Score One For Sweet Water

I am a sucker for stories about out-of-the-way places.  So when I came across this excellent piece by Joseph Goodman of AL.com about tiny Sweet Water in Marengo County, I had to take a peek. The story was about this small 1A high school and their quest to win a state football championship last week. … Read More

Tis The Season

In “normal” times any article written in December with the head line above would be referring to the Christmas season.  But these are not “normal” times in Alabama as we are only two days away from ending the complete and absolute madness masquerading as a special election for the U.S. Senate between Republican Roy Moore… Read More

A-F School Report Cards Use Unreliable Data

Sometimes it is just too easy to look at something and simply dismiss it as “only in Alabama.”  You know like when something makes absolutely no sense, but we do it just the same.  A great big “Bless Your Heart” for the four million souls who live here.  Sorta, kinda like the laws of Nature don’t… Read More