Who Is Tampering With The Evidence?

A small, bur vocal, group of anti Common Core folks are working hard to save Mike Senance’s job because they think he is opposed to these standards. (Though I am unaware that in the ten months as state superintendent he has made any effort to do so.) And the truth is that the record tells… Read More

Let The Fireworks Begin

In my 40+ years of political involvement, I may have never seen a more bone-headed move than the one just made by Mike Sentance.  If you work for a board, you simply do not use the media to chastise them which is what Sentance did in this article from AL.com. The state school board voted Feb.… Read More

“So What’s Gonna Happen Next Tuesday?”

In this case, “next Tuesday” is July 25.  The day the state board of education has a special called meeting in Montgomery and a legislative committee asks more questions about the tainted search process for a new state school superintendent in 2016. Judging from the emails and phone calls I’ve received, much of the attention… Read More

Senator Dial Committee Meets July 25

As we recently reported, the legislative committee that looked at the “smear sheet” incident that occurred last year in the state superintendent search will re-convene on July 25 at 1 p.m. in the Statehouse.  Senator Gerald Dial, who along with Senator Quinton Ross, asked that this committee be formed to conduct the investigation, thought their… Read More