Heading For The Hills

My family is very small.  Only me, my sister and my brother.  Sister has one daughter and one grandchild.  I have a son and daughter and no grandchildren.  My brother has never married.  So we don't need much space to have a "family reunion." Neither do we have many...

Get Ready For The Common Core Flim Flam

When the election of March 3, 2020 rolls around, the proponents of switching from an elected to an appointed school board will play their Common Core card. Why?  Because the legislation calling for a vote on a constitutional amendment to change how we pick our state...

Del Marsh Tips His Hand

Senate majority leader Del Marsh wants to control public education in Alabama.  Yep, the same guy who has shown us repeatedly that he is clueless about how schools really work, what their challenges are and how best to address them, now wants to hand pick the members...

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