Montgomery. We Have A Problem.

Though there are still a few die-hards trying to defend Mike Sentence, anyone who has paid attention to the Montgomery school intervention begun by him has gotten an up close and personal look at how incompetent he really was.. Sentence hired Jermall Wright from Philadelphia to great fanfare about how he was a miracle worker in… Read More

Richardson Minces No Words About Montgomery Intervention

Of all the problems interim state school chief Ed Richardson inherited from Mike Sentance, the most difficult to make sense out of is probably the state intervention in the Montgomery County school system. Since Sentance had never been involved in such an effort, a few missteps were to be expected.  But in this case, it… Read More

A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words

We recently blogged about the need for young children to have time to themselves, and their friends.  Times that are not regimented and organized by adults. Times when curious young minds explore the world around them.  Times when clothes get dirty and make-believe worlds come to life.  Times when a stick unlocks the secrets of… Read More

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Time To Learn From Our Mistakes

Editor’s note: We will soon start a new state superintendent search.  In getting ready for the search that brought us Mike Sentance in 2016, I surveyed a number of local superintendents for their thoughts about what we should look for.  Unfortunately their voices were ignored as not a single local superintendent supported Sentance during the… Read More