Turmoil Amidst The Pines

It’s reasonable to think there might be some controversy about any new school. Maybe where it is located, what it is named, who the principal may be, what courses will be taught? But seldom do you expect the wholesale turmoil that hit rural Washington County, AL when...

All Alone In A Cold Cruel World

Winston County is a small, rural county in northwest Alabama.  Double Springs, with just over 1,000 residents, is the county seat.  Its "claim to fame" is the fact that citizens here were very opposed to Alabama withdrawing from the Union during the Civil War.  When...

As Wide As The Grand Canyon

Last week we posted a survey asking how folks feel about having an elected state school board versus an appointed one.  (Voters will tackle this issue by voting on a constitutional  amendment March 3, 2020.) More than 1,100 people responded.  Here was our initial look...

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