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Texas Ministers Battle For Support Of Public Schools

Listen to Charles Foster Johnson speak for a few minutes and you’re not surprised when you learn he is a Southern Baptist minister.  There is the tell-tale baritone full of enthusiasm and cheerfulness.  You know a good story may come forth at any moment.  I am reminded of my late friend, Rev. Bob Baggott. And though he… Read More

Heading For The Hills

Ten minutes of watching any cable news channel these days will easily convince you that the world is quickly going to hell and we’re all just bystanders.  The shrillness of the back and forth between the “good” guys and the “bad” guys is deafening.  Antics of Washington politicians remind me more of professional “rasseling” than anything… Read More

A Surprise At Rock Quarry Middle School

Earlier this week, the good folks at Tuscaloosa’s Rock Quarry Middle School invited local officials to come tour their school.  They also included one old writer from Montgomery. They especially wanted local legislators to stop by and get a firsthand look at what goes on in their 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  This is a great idea… Read More

State Board Talks About New Superintendent Search

Interim state superintendent Ed Richardson spent 30 minutes or more at the Nov. 9 state board work session discussing the experiences and skill set needed by the next state school chief. As is his nature, Richardson was candid and left no one in doubt as to how he felt. Here are points he covered:: Experience in… Read More

A Clear, Crisp Night In Georgiana

Tomorrow 90,000 people will cram into Jordan-Hare stadium on the Auburn University campus to watch Auburn play the University of Georgia.  It is the South’s oldest football rivalry, going back to 1892 when Auburn won 10-0. It will be a spectacle  An orgy displaying the mega bucks that dominate such events.  There will be acres upon… Read More

A Look At AAA Scholarships And Private School Football

After months and months of preparation the grand finale of Alabama public high school football kicks off this weekend with the first round of playoff games.  By Saturday night (Nov. 11), 208 teams will have played 104 games. And the 2017 football team will be over for 104 teams.  Cheerleaders will store away pom poms,… Read More

Newspaper Exposes Problems With Florida Voucher Program

Since I once made a living sitting at a typewriter pounding out articles for publication, I probably have paid more attention to the decline of newspapers than most. Unfortunately as the internet ravaged newspaper advertising, reporters became fewer and fewer and what used to be considered “investigative reporting” fell victim.  There are simply not enough… Read More

Montgomery Intervention. From Bad To Worse.

If anyone ever does a case study of how NOT to handle a local school system intervention, there probably is no better example than what has been going on with the Montgomery County system since last January. This has been a train wreck from the moment Mike Sentance declared the state was stepping in.  And with… Read More

Alabama Accountability Act. By The Numbers.

Now that we have several years of experience with the Alabama Accountability Act, let’s look as closely as possible at the numbers available to see what’s been done. The legislation creating AAA was passed early in 2013 under rather mysterious conditions.  Basically one bill went into a conference committee and a radically different one emerged… Read More