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Be Patient. Are You Kidding Me?

As you can imagine, I swap a good many emails and some phone calls with members of the state board of education.  Some times we agree, some times we don’t, but there is seldom any doubt as to where we stand. Of course I have been very outspoken about the hire last summer of Mike… Read More

What Happens When Politicians Forget About Children

At best, it was a shotgun wedding.  A contrived affair with reason thrown to the wind and political outcome the only thing that mattered.  A crudely manipulated process with ethics casually tossed aside.  A shameless example of blind ambition being the one constant. The result was the installation of Mike Sentance as the grand poopaw… Read More

Mike Sentance Blindsides Local Schools–Again

Mike Sentance just doesn’t get it. He apparently does not know that the ONLY reason for the state department of education to exist is to do what it can, in whatever way, to help improve local schools and local classrooms and local teachers and their students. Instead, he seems intent on making life as miserable for… Read More

Mary Scott Hunter Swings–And Misses

State school board member Mary Scott Hunter of Huntsville recently spoke to the Alabama Federation of Young Republicans according to this article.  But unfortunately, some of her remarks left a bad taste in the mouth of some educators. For instance: “On why Alabama schools historically underperform, Hunter said that our teachers are mostly Alabamians and… Read More

Rural Grant Program Could Use Your Help

We’ve told you about the wonderful small grant program run by the national Rural Schools Collaborative.  Last year they were able to fund nine different projects across the state–thanks to the support of the Parker Griffin Foundation and the Alabama Education Association. The largest grant was $1,050 for students at Handley High School in Roanoke… Read More

Big Trees Don’t Move

As we scurry to and fro with our daily lives we tend to focus too often on the small things that seem big, while ignoring the big things that seem small.  A friend shares her thoughts about such a moment 13 years ago.  Her message is one we should all pay attention to. “Thirteen years… Read More

Questions, Questions And More Questions

It is not unusual for me to get unexpected phone calls and emails about education issues.  Some of them off-the-wall, some well-reasoned and thoughtful. And living in Montgomery where the state is trying to get an intervention of half of the county school system off the ground, lately many of them deal with this topic.… Read More

Was Mike Sentance Robert Bentley’s Biggest Delusion?

“He ain’t right.” is something we’ve all heard–and probably said.  (And some have said it about me for sure.) While hard to define specifically, anyone who knows about pot likker, hoe cake and light bread knows exactly what it means.  And without doubt, it was how many citizens of Alabama felt about former Governor Robert… Read More

Mike Sentance Says Montgomery Plan “Evolving”

State Superintendent Mike Sentance faced a number of questions regarding the state intervention in Montgomery schools at the April 13 state board meeting. And his answers failed to calm the concerns of many board members, especially Stephanie Bell of Montgomery. Bell, a one time reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser, knows how to ask questions and… Read More