Big Trees Don’t Move

As we scurry to and fro with our daily lives we tend to focus too often on the small things that seem big, while ignoring the big things that seem small.  A friend shares her thoughts about such a moment 13 years ago.  Her message is one we should all pay attention to.
“Thirteen years ago today my life was changed forever. After dodging an animal crossing the road I began to spin out of control and was stopped as my new vehicle hit a tree dead center and knocked the front end back past the firewall.  I looked down to see my foot dangling off my leg.  I was cut from the vehicle and placed in an ambulance.  As I was rushed to the hospital and into surgery, my parents were told I would likely not survive and if I did, I would never walk again. 
After many years, blood, sweat and tears, not to mention seven left leg surgeries, I might not run, but I certainly can walk.  I ask you to walk with me as I share just what I have learned over these past 13 years:
* Slow down…..whatever is around the next corner now will still be there when you get there
* God isn’t finished with me yet.
* Never ever give up 
* Baby steps still get you where you are going
* You can always go home…..ALWAYS
* YOU never walk alone
* If you really want to see me do great things….just tell me I can’t and I’ll show you I can

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