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When Propaganda Masquerades As Truth

You have to hand it to some lawmakers, such as Rep. Terri Collins of Decatur, for their continuing efforts to make us all believe the A-F school report cards are something they really aren’t. She is the one who passed this controversial legislation in 2012 and insists that it will soon become a reality.  And as it often… Read More

Well, The Thrill Didn’t Last Long

There were hosannas coming from educators throughout Alabama the afternoon of Oct. 13 when the state school board dug in their heels in regard to legislation requiring all schools be given a grade of A-F beginning later this fall. The agenda item was during a public hearing for Alabama Administrative Code: Adopt New Alabama Administrative Code, Rule… Read More

New Decatur Superintendent Troubled By A-F School Report Cards

Dan Brigman took over as Decatur city school superintendent last summer.  He was superintendent of Catawba County, NC schools before coming to north Alabama. Earlier this week he spoke out forcefully about the new A-F school report cards that will soon be launched in Alabama.  Since North Carolina started handing out A-F grades in 2013-14, he speaks… Read More

Would Someone Show Rep. Terri Collins The Alabama Code

Back in 2012 state representative Terri Collins of Decatur got legislation passed that requires all schools in the state to receive a letter grade of A through F  And after spending thousands of hours and thousands of dollars trying to come up with some decent way to measure all the complexities that make a school a… Read More

Numbers Used To Defend A-F School Grades Are Worthless

For better or worse it appears that the controversial A-F report card for schools is headed our way.  The law requiring this was sponsored in 2012 by Rep. Terri Collins and has yet to be implemented. We’ve discussed this before.  Here and here. A Blue Ribbon panel of educators worked for two years trying to… Read More