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A Look At AAA Scholarships And Private School Football

After months and months of preparation the grand finale of Alabama public high school football kicks off this weekend with the first round of playoff games.  By Saturday night (Nov. 11), 208 teams will have played 104 games. And the 2017 football team will be over for 104 teams.  Cheerleaders will store away pom poms,… Read More

Alabama Accountability Act. By The Numbers.

Now that we have several years of experience with the Alabama Accountability Act, let’s look as closely as possible at the numbers available to see what’s been done. The legislation creating AAA was passed early in 2013 under rather mysterious conditions.  Basically one bill went into a conference committee and a radically different one emerged… Read More

Committee Needs To Look At Accountability Act

Speaker Mac McCutcheon has appointed a new House standing committee on Fiscal Responsibility.  In making the announcement, he said the committee “is tasked with giving taxpayers the maximum return on dollars they send to Montgomery.” I hope the committee will also consider dollars NOT sent to Montgomery.  In other words, tax breaks that shortchange public education. … Read More

Is Accountability Act About Educating Kids Or Tax Breaks?

From the moment we passed the Alabama Accountability Act in 2013 to create Alabama’s version of a school voucher program, proponents have shouted from the rooftops that it has been “All about helping kids.”  And they were quick to add that this especially meant kids from low-income families. But as we have watched this program… Read More

Alabama Policy Institute Defends Accountability Act. But Where Is The Beef?

According to its website, The Alabama Policy Institute “is a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization dedicated to influencing public policy…………..We do this by identifying, developing, and promoting innovative policy ideas and by providing fact-based, objective analysis of key issues.” OK, if they say so. However, when you dissect the following op-ed written by staff… Read More

A Little Secret Tucked Away In The Accountability Act

The call was from someone I consider one of the state’s top educators.  She absolutely knows her “stuff” and her every decision is made with students in mind.  She has been called upon time and again to serve on task forces and statewide committees. She had just been to a private religious school as one of three… Read More