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Facts Can Be A Worrisome Thing

In spite of what we hear out of Washington these days, I still believe there are such things as facts.  You know, honest-to-goodness stuff that can not be refuted.  Like a day is 24 hours long or a foot is 12 inches. So as I sat in an overflowing room at the Statehouse yesterday listening… Read More

Charter Supporters Suffer Huge Loss In Massachusetts Nov. 8th

While the eyes of the world were focused on the Presidential election in the U.S. last week, an election as to whether or not to allow for more charter schools in Massachusetts also drew great interest. Charters were authorized in the Bay State with the Education Reform Act of 1993.  (This is the legislation new Alabama state superintendent Mike Sentence… Read More

Massachusetts Charter Schools Bring In The Big Guns

Since Governor Bentley and the state board of education believe the pot at the end of the education rainbow is in Massachusetts these days we should keep an eye on things in the Bay State. This New England state has long had charter schools.  In fact the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993 that our new… Read More

Georgia’s Largest Charter School Gets Failing Grade

A recent story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out that the state’s largest charter school, Georgia Cyber Academy, with 13,000 online students received a D for 2015 from the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. This story is of particular interest in Alabama where charters will soon be a reality.  Here are excerpts: “Georgians spend tens of… Read More

Charter Schools. Public Or Private?

For some time I have been mystified at the term “public charter school.”  If this is true, then there must be “private charter schools” but I’ve not come across mention of one.  You can even go to the website for the state department of education and right there in the middle of the page is… Read More

It Is Always “Spin Season” In The School Business

Charter school advocates from across the country have gathered in Nashville this week for a national conference.  Of course the major news is good news.  Or at least good PR. Here is one session: From Recovery to Extraordinary: States and Charter Schools Working Together The Louisiana Recovery School District and the Tennessee Achievement School District… Read More

Founder Scams Atlanta Charter School For $600,000

When Christopher Clemons sought to open a charter school in Atlanta in 2011, no one suspected that five years later he would be in jail in Colorado and that education officials would be trying to figure out how $600,000 went missing. Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter Molly Bloom does an excellent job of recounting what happened… Read More

Report Calls Federal Funding Of Charter Schools A “Black Hole.”

After a year-long investigation, the Center for Media and Democracy has released a report showing that in the last two decades, at least $3.7 billion of Federal funds have gone to charter schools with little oversight or accountability. Investigators found that the Federal government was not providing the public with a list of all charter schools… Read More

Wall Street Journal Talks Charter Schools

How would you like to get a 10 percent return on your money?  (Speaking as someone whose nest egg has been hammered for several months, I would be all over 10 percent.) Northstar Commercial Partners, a Denver private equity firm says in this Wall Street Journal article, “it can give its fund investors more than… Read More

Is This Deck Stacked?

A few days ago I posted about charter school legislation in the state of Washington being ruled unconstitutional and the fact that language in their bill and the one passed in Alabama earlier this year have similar language in how a state charter school commission should be set up. (This was also picked up by… Read More