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Media Points Finger At State School Board

Anyone who didn’t see this coming has been living under a rock. Now that Mike Sentance has headed back to Massachusetts, at least two state newspapers have taken the state school board to task for what has gone on in the last 12-18 months.  The Opelika-Auburn News and the Florence TimesDaily are asking that the… Read More


Now that we have turned a page on the long-running saga “Mr. Sentance Goes To Alabama,” it seems fitting to pause and look back at what could be the script for a reality show. Best suggestion for a question to ask at interview for state superintendent.  Before the selection process got underway in the summer… Read More

Tea Party Spin Machine Short On Facts, Long On Hot Air

The news of Mike Sentance’s resignation as state school superintendent brought instant reaction from various factions of the Alabama Tea Party.  As usual, there was lot of chest-thumping and finger-pointing, but very few facts. One of the best examples came from Quin Hillyer, a one-time writer for the old Mobile Press-Register.  (Have never met him, but… Read More

The Silly Season Is Here

In the waning days of any hotly contested political campaign the rhetoric goes up about 1000 percent and the charges hurled back and forth become more outlandish.  I call it the “silly season.” Looking for an example?  How about the runoff election in the Republican primary between Luther Strange and Roy Moore scheduled for Sept.… Read More

A Soldier Writes Governor Ivey About Mike Sentance

After a distinguished career in the Army, Mobile native Frank Barrow retired as a Lt. Colonel in 2012 and immediately assumed duties as the Senior Army Instructor for the Junior ROTC program at LeFlore high school in his hometown.  Atter 11 years in the classroom he moved to his present position heading all JROTC programs… Read More

Just When You Thought It Could Not Get More Bizarre

Being a total non-tech person, I use the services of a small company to handle all the technical aspects involved with this blog.  They have nothing to do with what I write about.  I make those decisions. So I was naturally dumbfounded when the person who runs the company passed along a message she received Labor Day night on her… Read More

Rep. Wadsworth Says Mike Sentance Should Go.

Tim Wadsworth is an attorney in Winston County first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 2014 as a Republican.  He was one of eight Republicans who did not vote for Mike Hubbard for Speaker of the House in 2014. Neither did he vote to amend the Alabama Accountability Act in the 2017 regular… Read More

Brittany Larkin Loses Her Battle With Cancer

When the email hit my inbox this afternoon and I saw it was from Betty Lou Whitford, dean of the college of education at Auburn University and that the subject was “Brittany Larkin,” my heart sank.  I feared it was not good news and I was right. Betty Lou’s colleague and my friend passed away this Labor… Read More

Who Can We Believe?

About mid-afternoon Friday a comment shows up on my blog from Jermall Wright, who Alabama taxpayers pay $168,621 annually to work at the state department of education with “turnaround schools.”  He politely informed me that some of the information I wrote in my post about the firing of Jeff Langham was in error. I had a… Read More