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Texas Ministers Battle For Support Of Public Schools

Listen to Charles Foster Johnson speak for a few minutes and you’re not surprised when you learn he is a Southern Baptist minister.  There is the tell-tale baritone full of enthusiasm and cheerfulness.  You know a good story may come forth at any moment.  I am reminded of my late friend, Rev. Bob Baggott. And though he… Read More

A Surprise At Rock Quarry Middle School

Earlier this week, the good folks at Tuscaloosa’s Rock Quarry Middle School invited local officials to come tour their school.  They also included one old writer from Montgomery. They especially wanted local legislators to stop by and get a firsthand look at what goes on in their 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  This is a great idea… Read More

A Clear, Crisp Night In Georgiana

Tomorrow 90,000 people will cram into Jordan-Hare stadium on the Auburn University campus to watch Auburn play the University of Georgia.  It is the South’s oldest football rivalry, going back to 1892 when Auburn won 10-0. It will be a spectacle  An orgy displaying the mega bucks that dominate such events.  There will be acres upon… Read More

A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words

We recently blogged about the need for young children to have time to themselves, and their friends.  Times that are not regimented and organized by adults. Times when curious young minds explore the world around them.  Times when clothes get dirty and make-believe worlds come to life.  Times when a stick unlocks the secrets of… Read More

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Judge Sends Pouncey Suit To Mediation

Jefferson County superintendent Craig Pouncey filed a lawsuit earlier this year against former interim state superintendent Phillip Cleveland, state school board member Mary Scott Hunter and three state department attorneys contending that they conspired to make sure he was not selected as state superintendent in 2016. Montgomery Circuit Judge Roman Shaul heard arguments from attorneys… Read More

When Did We Take Childhood Away From Children?

Some time between then and now we took too much of the magic of childhood away from too many of our children. Many Saturdays I drive east on the Atlanta highway in Montgomery about mid-morning for breakfast at a local restaurant.  My route takes me by a large open field where kids of all ages are being… Read More

You Are Not Seeing Double

Sunday night I finished my article about visiting schools in Jackson County last week and hit the “publish” button.  However. this morning I discovered that for some reason, only about one-third of the piece was published. So I began to search for the lost article, never once thinking I would find it because that would… Read More

A Day In Jackson County

Jackson County sprawls across more than 1,000 square miles of some of the most scenic land in Alabama, adjacent to Tennessee in the northeast corner of the state.  It is home to more than 50,000 people and straddles the Tennessee River, overlooked by breath-taking views from the bluffs of Sand Mountain, and darts in and… Read More

And A Grand Time Was Had By All

Sixty years ago this morning a 9th grader stood at the intersection of Padgett-Switch and Half Mile roads in south Mobile County waiting for the school bus to take him to Theodore high. When he climbed aboard a 9th grade girl was sitting in her seat, having gotten on at a store in “downtown” Irvington.… Read More