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Letters. Lots And Lots Of Letters

At the Feb. 9 work session of the State Board of Education, superintendent Mike Sentance caught every one by surprise by saying that he intended to cut funding for reading and science programs.  Board members I’ve spoken with say they had no idea this was in the works.  Since news spreads quickly these days, it didn’t… Read More

The Right Hand Does Not Know What The Left Hand Is Doing

To put it bluntly, all hell broke loose when science teachers recently learned that Governor Bentley’s education budget recommendation to the legislature cut all funding for a much-used program known as Science In Motion. This program is especially beneficial to many rural systems where funding is always short and the purchase of expensive lab equipment… Read More

Live From Jackson, AL It’s Saturday Night

Nearly 300 people were squeezed into the H. W. Pearce Memorial Park Assembly House on Saturday night for the 11th annual fund-raising dinner and auction to benefit the Regional Child Advocacy Center.  For those who may be geographically challenged, Jackson and its 5,200 citizens are at the southern tip of Clarke County not many miles… Read More

Senator Dial Wants State Superintendent To Be As Qualified As A Local Superintendent

While it sounds unbelievable, Alabama law requires a local school superintendent be more qualified than the state superintendent.  No kidding. Here is Alabama code section 16-4-1 pertaining to state superintendent qualifications. As the chief executive officer of the State Department of Education there shall be a State Superintendent of Education, who shall be appointed by the State Board… Read More

How Much Do Teachers Get Paid

Using the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, GOBankingRates compiled average teacher salaries by state (not Washington, D.C.).  See the list here: It is hardly a surprise that teachers are among the lowest paid professionals in the nation. Best paid are teachers in Alaska with an average salary of $77,843.  On the other… Read More

Who Are We To Believe?

A tip of the hat to Decatur Daily reporter Mary Sell for keeping her ear to the ground and discovering that state school superintendent Mike Sentance is moving ahead with a consulting contract for $536,000 to a company in Massachusetts. See her article here.  This is how she begins. The Alabama State Department of Education… Read More

The REAL Crisis In Alabama Education

Apparently there is a rule of thumb in education that “when in doubt, invent a crisis.”   And after we identify one, we quickly follow with an “initiative” to solve it. The problem is that we too often claim that what is only a symptom of a greater issue is a crisis.  For instance, state superintendent Mike Sentance… Read More

Circling The Bases On A Saturday

Several days ago we blogged about a letter endorsing Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education that was signed by Lt. Governor Kay Ivey, Secretary of State John Merrill and Senate President Pro Tem. I emailed all three and voiced my concern.  Got no response from Ivey or Marsh.  However, I did receive a phone call from… Read More