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Business Council Of Alabama And Autism. Follow The Money.

We have mentioned the fight the Business Council of Alabama is waging against legislation about insurance coverage for certain therapies for autistic children here and here.  And our friend John Archibald at commented on this situation in his own special way. Again this seems another classic David vs. Goliath confrontation.  On the one hand… Read More

A Peek At Another World

It was the monthly meeting of the Barbour County Education Retirees group.  On paper at least, I was to be their speaker.  But considering that my audience was a small group of all female, all black, former education employees, I saw no need to let the opportunity go to waste. So instead of someone from… Read More

Survey Says: No One Trusts The Governor, The State Superintendent, Or State School Board

At this writing, nearly 700 have responded to the survey we posted on Friday, March 17, 2017.  Results basically track the last survey made in December which showed little confidence among educators in state level entities charged with helping public schools. You can see all results here. Respondents were 69 percent female, 93 percent white, 70 percent work for… Read More

Mike Sentance Says: “AMSTI Is Not The Answer”

This was the response superintendent Mike Sentance gave on Feb. 20, 2017 in an email to a retired science teacher who questioned his intent to eliminate this program begun in 1999. He referred to three studies of AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative).  One by Regional Education Lab (REL) Southeast in 2012.  This study showed “Science achievement unchanged,… Read More

Survey Gets Great Response. Have You Responded?

Our most recent survey about Alabama education issues went on-line on March 17.  This is our third survey since last August.  Once again there has been great interest and response has been super. Some questions are standard which allows us to see trends, like what do respondents feel about the performance of the state school board.… Read More

New Survey. Need Your Feedback

Go here to respond to our latest survey about public education in Alabama. Our last survey was in December 2016.  The chief takeaway from it was that there is a crisis of confidence among educators across the state. They have little faith in the governor, the legislature, the state school board or the new state… Read More

You Ain’t From Around Here Are You?

Folks in Alabama are generally good people.  But we can be  particular.  And certainly clannish and distrustful of outsiders.  No doubt a lot of this goes back to our Scots-Irish ancestors who liked to be as far away from others as possible, put tremendous emphasis on family and would fight just to pass the time… Read More

Trump Education Budget Hammers Public Schools But Helps Charters And Vouchers

As you see in this wrapup from Education Week, President Trump’s education budget for the next fiscal year is anything but public school friendly.  Some excerpts: President Donald Trump’s first budget seeks to slash the Education Department’s roughly $68 billion budget by $9 billion, or 13 percent in the coming fiscal year, whacking popular programs… Read More

Cold Weather And Warm Hearts

It was 39 degrees and the wind felt like the only thing between it and the North Pole was one telephone pole and two strands of barbed wire as I pulled in the parking lot of Central United Methodist in Decatur about 9:30 on a recent morning. While I am well past the scurrying stage of… Read More