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A Great Perspective

OK.  I stole this from the Facebook page of Michael Leland who teaches in Iowa.  But words of wisdom are just that, regardless of where we come across them. “I was feeling pretty jaded this morning as two different sets of parents at Wal-Mart stopped me in the school supplies aisle to complain about how… Read More

God Bless The Little Children

If by some chance you need to reminded of the miracle of children, watch this YouTube video of four-year old Claire Ryann and her father singing together. According to YouTuble, this has been seen 15 million times.  But today was my first.  So watch it if you haven’t, or watch it again if you have.… Read More

Grad Report Has Big Omission

About 4 p.m. on April 21, 2017 someone at the state department of education pushed a button and not long after all Hell broke loose.  Suddenly, one hour before closing time and two days before a Monday state holiday, graduation rates for Alabama high schools for 2016 were sent into the wild blue yonder. There… Read More

Alabama Rural Grant Winners Announced

Thanks to support from the Parker Griffith Family Foundation, Jefferson County Federation of Teachers, University of West Alabama, Black Belt Teacher Crops and Susan McKim, Sandra Thomastan and Horace Williams, the Rural School Collaborative recently announced eight grant winners across Alabama. This was the second year Alabama was included in this national program.  More than… Read More

The Fatal Flaw With “School Choice”

It seems that all the non-educators have listened to one another long enough that they’ve settled (at least until something sexier comes along) on “school choice” as the salvation for all education ills. Gosh, just look around Alabama.  Such stalwarts of public schools as Senator Del Marsh, Rep. Terri Collins and the Business Council of Alabama shout… Read More

500,000 And Counting

When I ventured forth with this blog in April, 2015 I had no clue about what I was doing and what I was getting into.  (Which some might say was nothing new for me.) As explained here before, I am about the most tech illiterate person in the state.  I still use a flip phone bought… Read More

Senator Dial’s Committee Goes Back To Work

In the wake of last summer’s state superintendent search and all the questions that came up about an effort to discredit applicant Craig Pouncey, Senator Gerald Dial created a joint committee of House and Senate members to investigate what took place and how info from the Ethics Commission about Pouncey ended up in the press.… Read More

Dismay. Dysfunction. Derelict. Disbelief. Pick One.

Any of these words–and many more–could be used to describe some portion of the June 21 state school board meeting.  And once again, right there in front of God and everyone, Alabama showed that “leadership” is apparently a four-letter word when it comes to public education. The main course served up this day was an… Read More

Feds Release Grad Rate Report. Sky Did Not Fall.

Six months ago, Dec. 8 to be exact, superintendent Mike Sentance gravely told a work session of the state school board, “This is the hard part.”  He then painted a picture of doom and gloom about how the U.S. Department of Education was conducting an investigation of Alabama high school graduation rates and that “incorrect… Read More