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Mary Scott Hunter Swings–And Misses

State school board member Mary Scott Hunter of Huntsville recently spoke to the Alabama Federation of Young Republicans according to this article.  But unfortunately, some of her remarks left a bad taste in the mouth of some educators. For instance: “On why Alabama schools historically underperform, Hunter said that our teachers are mostly Alabamians and… Read More

Questions, Questions And More Questions

It is not unusual for me to get unexpected phone calls and emails about education issues.  Some of them off-the-wall, some well-reasoned and thoughtful. And living in Montgomery where the state is trying to get an intervention of half of the county school system off the ground, lately many of them deal with this topic.… Read More

10 Percent Raises For Principals Of Failing Schools? That’s What Mike Sentance Wants.

Years ago Jimmy Breslin wrote a hilarious novel about a Mafia boss who could not do anything right.  It was called The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. That seems the only description for decisions being made nowadays by the state department of education under the direction of superintendent Mike Sentance. As we know, Sentance decreed a… Read More

The Stories Data Never Tells

Wendy Lang is a longtime elementary school educator in Decatur, AL.  She left the classroom a year ago and went to work for the Alabama Education Association. In 2016 she was nominated for Carnegie Carnival Mardi Gras Queen, a fund-raising event for he Carnegie Visual Arts Center.  She shares the wonderful story of why she… Read More

How Do You Waste $1 Million?

You begin by letting the Alabama department of education intervene and take over the Montgomery County school system.  And you make sure the process is under the direction of state superintendent Mike Sentance who has never worked in a classroom, a school, or a central office, and therefore has NO TRACK RECORD of turning around school systems.  … Read More

He’s Back!!!

After 1,700+ miles roundtrip, the old car pulled into my drive about 11:45 last night (March 30).  And yesterday was a new record for me, 785 miles in one day.  (Not something I recommend for any one.) Made all the stops I wanted to make, learned some things and met a number of folks in… Read More

Even Old Timers Need A Spring Break

So I’m taking one beginning Monday, March 27.  Me and the old car, the one with 224,000 miles on it, are heading west to Austin, TX.  Had the oil changed two days ago, plus got two new front tires, and away we go. There is a purpose in my madness. The public school advocacy group,… Read More

With Friends Like These…………..

It’s now been just over seven months since Aug. 11, 2016 when five hands were raised at a state school board meeting to select Mike Sentance as the next state superintendent. There are eight elected members of the state board and the governor is chair by virtue of his office (though he misses about 90 percent… Read More

Business Council Of Alabama And Autism. Follow The Money.

We have mentioned the fight the Business Council of Alabama is waging against legislation about insurance coverage for certain therapies for autistic children here and here.  And our friend John Archibald at commented on this situation in his own special way. Again this seems another classic David vs. Goliath confrontation.  On the one hand… Read More