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Legislature Begins Budget Process

With the next regular legislative session less than three months away, the House Ways & Means Education committee started work today (Oct. 25).  It is a massive job to put together a $6+ billion budget.  And chairman Bill Poole and the other 13 committee members spend untold hours in hearings and discussions and digging through reports. And as anyone… Read More

Haven’t We Seen This Before?

Many of us remember the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray’s character, a local weatherman, discovers that every day is really the day before, which happened to be groundhog day. Nothing really changes.  Just round and round we go. Which is what we’re doing in the Alabama Senate with the latest attempt to repeal… Read More

How To Find Your Legislator

With the next session of the legislature less than a month away and with all the ruckus being created by the RAISE bill, it’s important that folks concerned about the direction of public education know how to get in touch with their Representatives and Senators. Here is the web page for the legislature.  Look at… Read More

The Most Dangerous People In The World

As the years roll along, those of us who qualify as “seniors” have the benefit of viewing things through a lens that includes far more life experiences than those who are our junior.   Some call it “wisdom.”  I prefer to call it “common sense.” And one of the things this common sense has taught me is that the… Read More

Is Senator Williams Really Carnac the Magnificent?

Those of us old enough to remember when Johnny Carson ruled the late-night TV market with the Tonight Show recall his character known as “Carnac the Magnificent.”  This mystic from the east would divine answers to unknown questions. Much like Carnac, Senator Phil Williams of Etowah County continues to insist that he sees things no… Read More

Take Cover, Legislator on the Loose

The last time we heard from Rep. Ed Henry of Hartselle he was talking about phantom funds in the Education Trust Fund that even the chair of the House Ways & Means Education committee, Rep. Bill Poole, cannot find. Now Henry tells Mary Sell of the Decatur Daily that we should abolish the state Department… Read More

Do Some Legislators Need Math and History Lessons?

Each day brings another report that a legislator says the Education Trust Fund is awash in money and the “surplus” should be used for non-education purposes. I am neither historian or accountant, but in this case I feel confident enough to describe things in terms most Alabamians can hopefully understand. In 1995 our legislature enacted… Read More

The Golden Rule of Politics

Nine times out of ten, politics is pretty simple. It’s all about the Golden Rule. He who has the gold rules. And a great example will probably unfold this week in Montgomery. Last week the State Board of Education refused to go along with the legislature’s demand that they select members of the new Public… Read More

Decatur Daily Gets It Right

The Decatur Daily is not timid in speaking their mind about public education, nor in calling out legislators when they feel it is deserved. Today they editorialize about the reaction of some legislators to the fact that the state board of education did not select members to the new charter school commission last week. (see… Read More

Democracy Under Attack

Slowly but surely our legislative leadership is nibbling away at the very foundation of how Alabama government has worked for nearly 200 years. Like this great country itself, Alabama is a democracy. By definition democracy is “a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them.”… Read More