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NAEP Scores Revisited

Time after time we hear state politicians try to prove a point by taking things out of context.  This is especially true of NAEP scores where they isolate one score for one year and pay no attention to growth that has occurred.  They pay no attention to where you began and how far you’ve come… Read More

Friends Don’t Let Friends Misuse NAEP Data

As I’ve explained before, test scores from the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test are constantly misused and abused.  Alabama legislators have done this time and again.  The governor has as well.  The same goes for certain educators. So when I came across the following on the blog of Dr. Morgan Polikoff, a professor… Read More

Okay Governor, About Those NAEP Scores

Politicians love numbers.  They can twist them and bend them and take them out of context and omit bad ones all in their effort to make the voter feel good, or convinced, or something.  Take numbers about economic development.  Sometime about the end of the year the governor will announce that we created _______ new… Read More

Another Look At NAEP scores

Several days ago I wrote about a senator taking to the floor of the senate to denounce the latest Alabama scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  As I pointed out, he did not bother to look at trend lines and instead, only singled out scores from one test year. Most of us have… Read More

Please Don’t Let Facts Get In The Way

Given that some in Alabama are hell bent to show how bad our public schools are it is hardly a surprise when folks take things out of context and twist them any way the want to. Take the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests that a senator recently railed about on the floor of the Senate. … Read More

Never Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story

I know nothing about the Alabama Policy Institute.  Don’t know what purpose they supposedly serve, how they pay their bills, etc.  But with a name such as they have, one would think they should be all about research and policy statements and educating the public. However, all I ever see are articles in some media… Read More