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Politicians Say The Damnest Things

Reporter Mary Sell of the Decatur Daily did her usual good job of covering the meeting of the House Ways & Means Education committee meeting on Oct. 25.  Here is her article. One of the committee members is Rep. Terri Collins of Decatur.  So as good reporters do, Mary got comments from Collins to give… Read More

Governor, Would You REALLY Hire Mike Sentance?

Governor Kay Ivey stunned Alabama’s education community when she released a statement on Aug. 10 asking the state school board, the one she is president of, to give state superintendent Mike Sentance more time in his job. The governor’s action caught educators off guard for two reasons.  One being that she is head of the state board… Read More

Governor Says Don’t Abandon the Titanic

So today, Governor Kay Ivey, the same one who studied education at Auburn and was once a school teacher, put out this statement: Governor Ivey’s Statement on Today’s State Board of Education Meeting MONTGOMERY – “Today, the elected Alabama State Board of Education delayed the question of the State Superintendent’s continued leadership of the State Department… Read More

Senator Dial Committee Meets July 25

As we recently reported, the legislative committee that looked at the “smear sheet” incident that occurred last year in the state superintendent search will re-convene on July 25 at 1 p.m. in the Statehouse.  Senator Gerald Dial, who along with Senator Quinton Ross, asked that this committee be formed to conduct the investigation, thought their… Read More

State Department Ignores State School Board Directive

As the Montgomery County school “intervention” has tediously unfolded with little to see but mounting expenses for high-priced consultants and well-paid administrators, the state school board finally threw up its hands on June 8, 2017 and said “Enough is enough.” So they passed a resolution saying all spending for Montgomery should stop until Mike Sentance… Read More

Senator Del Marsh Needs To Listen To His Own Words

Both Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon and Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh recently spoke at a meeting of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce in Tuscaloosa.  Here is the coverage provided by the Tuscaloosa News. McCutcheon and Marsh spoke about urgent needs in infrastructure and education.  It was what Marsh said about education that… Read More

Did The Race For Lt. Governor End Before It Began?

Candidates for election in 2018 have now turned in their first monthly financial report to the Secretary of State.  This covers the month of June. These include the three announced Republican candidates for Lt. Governor–Will Ainsworth, Mary Scott Hunter and Rusty Glover.  The differences in the reports are astounding and do not bode well for either Hunter… Read More

When Kids Are The Rope In A Political Tug Of War

One doesn’t need a Ph.D in soothsaying to know that the honeymoon between state superintendent Mike Sentance and some members of the state school board has ended. Though Sentance has been chastised time after time by the board for not sharing information, he basically ignores them.  Which is the reason board meetings and work sessions now last four to… Read More

They Are Off And Running

Next year we will elect all constitutional officers and all 35 state senators and 105 house members.  And though the June 5, 2018 primary is nearly a year away, while the Nov. 6, 2018 general election is more than 17 months down the road, seems that every day brings news of someone else declaring their… Read More