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If Charters Aren’t About Major Money, Why Are Millions Being Spent On Los Angeles’ School Board Races?

Elections for two Los Angeles school board seats will be May 16. Incredibly, more than $11.77 million has now been spent on the campaigns of the four candidates running as explained in this article from the Los Angeles Times. Two candidates, Kelly Gonez and Nick Melvoin, are backed by supporters of charter schools.  Together they… Read More

Followup: Letter To Governor Ivey

Two days ago I wrote an open letter to Governor Ivey as a blog post.  Response was tremendous.  Lots of emails from people all over Alabama agreeing with my position and hoping the governor would see it. As of a few minutes ago, this post had 2,613 views on the blog, had reached 9,202 people… Read More

An Open Letter To Governor Kay Ivey

Governor: Just a month ago the Alabama political landscape was turned upside down and you suddenly found yourself moving from the State House to the Governor’s office in the Capitol.  Like thousands across the state, I have been sending up prayers that you meet each new day with clarity of purpose and resolve to make the… Read More

Was Mike Sentance Robert Bentley’s Biggest Delusion?

“He ain’t right.” is something we’ve all heard–and probably said.  (And some have said it about me for sure.) While hard to define specifically, anyone who knows about pot likker, hoe cake and light bread knows exactly what it means.  And without doubt, it was how many citizens of Alabama felt about former Governor Robert… Read More

Mike Sentance Says Montgomery Plan “Evolving”

State Superintendent Mike Sentance faced a number of questions regarding the state intervention in Montgomery schools at the April 13 state board meeting. And his answers failed to calm the concerns of many board members, especially Stephanie Bell of Montgomery. Bell, a one time reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser, knows how to ask questions and… Read More

Ivey Brightens State Board Meeting

When Kay Ivey became governor earlier this week, she also became chair of the state board of education by virtue of her office.  This, plus the fact that she once taught school, was ample reason for her to attend the state board meeting on April 13. And though she was unable to stay very long,… Read More

Robert Bentley’s Luck Runs Out

Anyone who has been around politics as long as I have knows that it is often better to be lucky than good.  Try as we might, the fate of candidates is often determined by things they have no control over–does it rain on election day, did an unexpected runoff on the other party’s ticket hamper… Read More

How Does Bentley Spectacle Impact Education?

As I write this about noon on Monday, April 10, all of Alabama is trying to figure out when Robert Bentley becomes FORMER Governor Bentley.  At this moment the House of Representatives has begun impeachment hearings, the Ethics Commission has found ample evidence of wrong doing to turn their findings over to law enforcement and… Read More