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Fund-Raising Tops $10,000

Three months ago (Nov. 8th to be exact) we told you about a group forming the Alabama Public School Defense Fund to take legal action concerning the very flawed process of choosing a state school superintendent last summer. And thanks to the work of Senators Gerald Dial and Quinton Ross, a legislative committee has held several hearings… Read More

DeVos Defense Short On Facts, Long On Fluff.

Thanks to a tweet from a staff member with the Business Council. of Alabama, I came across this article from the conservative blog RedState in defense of Betsy DeVos.  Given that this is the same BCA that testified last year for the infamous RAISE act, supported the recent “school rally” in Montgomery, supports charter schools and… Read More

A Teacher’s Take On DeVos Nomination

Marrianne Hayward is a high school teacher in Jefferson County who is also president of the county school system American Federation for Teachers affiliate. Like so many educators she has watched the Betsy DeVos nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education unfold with a sense of foreboding, concern and disappointment. Here is her statement after DeVos… Read More

Some Things You Just Can’t Make Up

With so much attention now focused on Washington and the battle to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, what would once have seemed bizarre is just now seeming to be the “new normal.”  You know like “alternative facts.” Pat Toomey is a Republican U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.  He is committed to voting for DeVos.  And like… Read More

DeVos Debacle Is A Sad, Sad Commentary On How Some Value Our Children

For weeks the education community has reeled at the nomination of Betsy DeVos to be President Trump’s Secretary of Education.  Her record of working hard to undermine public schools has been brought to light time and time again.  Endless articles point out her shortcomings and relentless efforts in Michigan to make sure religious schools get… Read More

Business Council Of Alabama Supports Betsy DeVos

Put this one down in the “no surprise” column that the Business Council of Alabama has signed on as a Betsy DeVos supporter. Below is the content of a letter done by Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education and signed by politicians and groups around the country.  (Though I did not see the names… Read More