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What If Senator Marsh’s Staff Really Did Their Homework?

For months and months someone advising Senator Del Marsh about his RAISE/PREP Act insisted that using student test scores to evaluate teacher effectiveness is a grand idea.  Usually referred to as VAM, research has shown time after time that this methodology is suspect at best.  Some education researchers refer to it as “junk science.” As time… Read More

Here Comes Senator Marsh Again

Slowly, but surely, the Education Trust Fund budget is working its way through the legislative process.  It has now passed both the House and Senate.  However, the Senate made some changes to the House version and this bill will now go to a conference committee to come up with a version that both bodies can… Read More

Senator Marsh Throws In The Towel On RAISE/PREP. Or So He Says.

There were smiles a yard wide in the education community when reporters tweeted two night ago that Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh was “shelving” the PREP bill for this session.  One of those smiles belonged to me.  But at the same time, I remember in 2013 when a conference committee of the legislature went… Read More

Is PREP Headed For A Senate Showdown Tuesday?

The most recent version of RAISE/PREP became public last week.  Senate sponsor Del Marsh says he is through negotiating about the details of the bill and will move it to the senate floor on Tuesday for a vote. Does he have the votes to pass it?  That’s the $64 question at this point.  Many feel… Read More

Teacher Of The Year Jennifer Brown Still Opposes PREP Bill

The latest and greatest version of the infamous RAISE/PREP Act surfaced last week.  Once again, changes had been made.  And some, such as the Alabama Association of School Boards, who had previously opposed the legislation switched sides.  But do not put Jennifer Brown, current Teacher of the Year, in that column   She remains very opposed to… Read More

Dr. Brittany Larkin Responds to Senator Marsh About PREP

My friend Dr. Brittany Larkin at Auburn University took a look at Del Marsh’s interview on APTV’s Capitol Journal about the PREP bill.  She minces no words in in her comments about what she heard: “The biggest issue is Senator Marsh seems to believe the failure of Alabama public schools is the fault of the teachers. … Read More

An Open Letter To Senator Del Marsh

Dear Senator Marsh: You were on APTV’s Capitol Journal last Friday night to talk about the RAISE/PREP bill.  It so happened that this was also April Fool’s Day and the longer I listened to you, the more I thought you were simply keeping in the spirit of April 1 by saying things that were basically unbelievable.… Read More

One Of PREP’s Fatal Flaws

In south Alabama we sometimes refer to someone as “the real deal.”  In other words, they know what they are talking about.  Dr. James Popham is in this category.  Professor emeritus at the graduate school of education and information studies at UCLA, he is a past president of the American Educational Research Association. Having heard many discussions… Read More

You Don’t Have To Be From Alabama To Know RAISE/PREP Is Bad

For reasons no one can seem to understand, our supermajority legislative leadership appears fixated on education advice from those, as we like to say, “ain’t from around here.”  Which explains why they have allowed so much input on the RAISE/PREP bill to come from StudentsFirst, a group based in California.  Or why the proponents of… Read More

A Day In The Life Of RAISE/PREP

All day long March 23 was kinda sorta like the due date for your first child.  Will it really be today?  Do we at long last get to see if it is a boy or girl?  What color will the infant’s eyes be? Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh had hinted that the infamous RAISE/PREP bill… Read More