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Going Off The Grid

Even old folks need a break  every now and then.  Especially when most of your time is spent being dumbfounded by the insanity surrounding public education these days. For me, that usually means aiming my 18-year old car down a country road.  A few days ago my longtime friend Jo Bonner sent me an article… Read More

An Elementary Teacher And Her Vision

Bridgeport is tucked way away in the northeast corner of Alabama.  Just a stone’s throw from Tennessee and much closer to Knoxville than Montgomery.  Amidst the hills and hollows of the Appalachian foothills and almost on the banks of the Tennessee River. A site so scenic that a New York family began investing in local property about… Read More

Rural Grant Program Could Use Your Help

We’ve told you about the wonderful small grant program run by the national Rural Schools Collaborative.  Last year they were able to fund nine different projects across the state–thanks to the support of the Parker Griffin Foundation and the Alabama Education Association. The largest grant was $1,050 for students at Handley High School in Roanoke… Read More

Last Call For Rural Grant Proposals

April 15 is the deadline for teachers to submit rural grant proposals to the Rural Schools Collaborative.  Click here for directions as to how to apply, which can be done on-line. The application process is simple.  Primarily just a short description of what the applicant intends to do with the grant. Alabama had nine grants funded… Read More

Rural Schools Collaborative Funds Nine Alabama Projects

The Rural Schools Collaborative is a group run by my friend Gary Funk out of Cambridge, WI.  In a nutshell, their goal is to be of help any way they can to rural schools across the nation.  Learn more about them here. Last year they funded completion of an outdoor classroom at Meek Elementary in… Read More