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State Board Talks About New Superintendent Search

Interim state superintendent Ed Richardson spent 30 minutes or more at the Nov. 9 state board work session discussing the experiences and skill set needed by the next state school chief. As is his nature, Richardson was candid and left no one in doubt as to how he felt. Here are points he covered:: Experience in… Read More

Time To Learn From Our Mistakes

Editor’s note: We will soon start a new state superintendent search.  In getting ready for the search that brought us Mike Sentance in 2016, I surveyed a number of local superintendents for their thoughts about what we should look for.  Unfortunately their voices were ignored as not a single local superintendent supported Sentance during the… Read More

Mike Sentance Resigns As State Superintendent

Embattled state school chief Mike Sentance submitted a letter of resignation to the state school board and Governor Kay Ivey today (Sept. 13, 2017).  Ironically this comes one year and a day after he took   office Sept. 12, 2016.. The state school board has a regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 14 and one agenda item is discussion of… Read More

Rep. Craig Ford Says It Is Time For Mike Sentance To Go

Representative Craig Ford of Gadsden is a veteran house member.  And he’s never been one to mince words.  As proof, here is what he posted on Facebook as to why he thinks state school chief Mike Sentance should be terminated. “On Thursday, the State Board of Education will meet to discuss terminating State Superintendent Dr.… Read More

Teacher’s Organization Calls For Termination Of Mike Sentance

Voices expressing their disfavor with state school superintendent Mike Sentance continue to mount.  A teachers organization in Jefferson County has now joined with others. The Jefferson County affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, with 2,000 members, has passed a resolution of No Confidence in state school superintendent Mike Sentence and is calling for the State… Read More

Attempt To Explain State Education Department Money Mess Misses The Mark

As much as you know you should, some times it is impossible to keep silent.  Such is the case when I read the article “Alabama superintendent hasn’t increased spending on personnel, document shows.” The first line of the article says: “Records show that Alabama’s school superintendent did not add high-level positions to the bottom… Read More

Sentance Warned About Money Problems Months Ago

Recently we reported on a state school board meeting Aug. 23 when members learned of a potential $8 million deficit in the 2017-2018 state department operating budget.  And true to form, state superintendent Mike Sentance denied any knowledge of the shortfall. However, as reporter Trish Crain reports here, Chief Financial Officer Andy Craig sent… Read More

Reaction To Jeff Langham Firing Is Loud And Long

When superintendent Mike Sentance told Deputy Superintendent Jeff Langham last Thursday that he was fired educators quickly came to his defense.  I got countless emails and phone calls from people very upset.  Governor Ivey heard from a large number of people as well. As of this writing at noon, September 2, the blog post above… Read More

Have You Emailed Governor Ivey?

One of the things Governor Ivey said she wanted to do when she took office in the spring was to “right the ship of state” and see that taxpayers are getting what they deserve in how state agencies are being operated. That being the case, all she has to do is visit the 5th floor… Read More

Sentance Fires Former Superintendent Of The Year

The circus some pretend to be the Alabama State Department of Education took another bizarre step Aug. 31 when Mike Sentance fired Deputy Superintendent, Jeff Langham.  (Sentance promoted Langham to his $168,621 annual salary a few months ago.) Various sources tell me Langham was informed he should find a new job by the end of December… Read More