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Two Views Of School “Choice”

The latest edition of the Alabama Political Reporter has two very interesting articles about school “choice.”  One is by columnist Josh Moon and the other by Senator Del Marsh.  They take quite different approaches to the issue and you can see both articles at the links just provided. Let’s take a look at some of… Read More

DeVos Defense Short On Facts, Long On Fluff.

Thanks to a tweet from a staff member with the Business Council. of Alabama, I came across this article from the conservative blog RedState in defense of Betsy DeVos.  Given that this is the same BCA that testified last year for the infamous RAISE act, supported the recent “school rally” in Montgomery, supports charter schools and… Read More

Diane Ravitch About Betsy DeVos

Diane Ravitch is probably the most vocal voice in the country when it comes to opposing many of the “ed reforms” being pushed by Washington think tanks and those hoping to profit from education these days.  She is a highly-honored education historian and the author of best-selling books.  Her blog gets 100,000 views a week.… Read More

Email, Birthdays And Other Stuff

Seems that me and this high tech world are always bumping heads.  Or about the time I get something figured out, something happens to upset my apple cart. Have mentioned before the email issue with this site.  See, if you look on the right hand side of a blog post, there is a place to… Read More

Trump’s Nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, Flounders During Senate Hearing

As most in education know, President Elect Donald Trump is supporting Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos for his Secretary of Education.  The only problem seems to be that she is extremely limited in her knowledge of both education in general and the activities of USDOE in particular. There is no shortage of news about how her… Read More

82 Years Ago Today (Jan 8, 1935)

A baby was born in Tupelo, MS and no one had any idea within two decades his name would be known around the world.  Of course the baby was Elvis Presley. Growing up in the late 50’s I was never much of an Elvis fan.  Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Motown groups… Read More

The Kind Of Story Politicians Seldom Tell writer Shelly Haskins does something few politicians ever do.  He looks for the good in people.  Here is an article he did pointing out how one teacher touched a student’s life and changed her forever.  Instead of trying to get a cheap laugh at the expense of Alabama educators by declaring that our “education… Read More

Surprise, Surprise. The Mailman Brought A Royalty Check.

Early last summer I mentioned that I had written a book about my thoughts as how Alabama’s cotton economy still impacts much of who we are and how we react to things. This came about because my longtime friend, Randall Williams here in Montgomery had mentioned several times that I should write a book.  My… Read More