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Announcement: I Will Not Run For U.S. Senate

As we know, Alabama will hold a special election this year to fill the vacancy left when Senator Jeff Sessions was picked by President Trump as his Attorney General. When such happens, the governor has the authority to pick a successor.  So Governor Robert Bentley, you remember him don’t you, interviewed a long list of… Read More

Trump/DeVos Push Charters And Vouchers

It is hardly a surprise the President Trump’s first education budget is charter/voucher friendly, while wanting the single largest one-year cut in eduation spending (13.5 percent) since President Reagan tried to whack 35.7 percent in 1983. Education Week does a good job of detailing the Trump proposal in this artcle. Highlights include: “President Donald Trump’s… Read More

Rural School Puts It All In Perspective

I have told you about my involvement with the national Rural Schools Collaborative and their small grant program for rural schools.  Last year we funded nine projects in Alabama and I have now visited seven of them.. (Have 56 applications from Alabama this year, but unfortunately only a handful will be funded due to lack of money.  Grants… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Fifty one Mother’s Days ago I bumped across Birmingham in a VW with a pregnant wife about sunrise.  And 45 minutes after getting to Saint Vincent’s Hospital, Kimberly Lauren Lee entered this world.  A few days later she came home to join her two-year old brother, Kevin Bradley Lee. So Mother’s Day always has something of… Read More

Live (Well Almost) From Courtroom 4A Of Montgomery County Courthouse

I have just left the Montgomery courthouse where Judge Roman Shaul heard the defense motions for dismissal in the Craig Pouncey law suit against former interim state superintendent Phillip Cleveland, state board member Mary Scott Hunter, and state department legal counsel Juliana Dean and two of her associates. While there was a lot of legal talk tossed… Read More

Thoughts From The Road–And Beyond

So here I am again after a short break to go to Winston-Salem, NC for the wedding of my only niece Saturday afternoon.  Now I don’t show up at many weddings.  In fact, I think my last was my son’s a number of years ago and before that, his sister’s. This one was in a… Read More

Big Trees Don’t Move

As we scurry to and fro with our daily lives we tend to focus too often on the small things that seem big, while ignoring the big things that seem small.  A friend shares her thoughts about such a moment 13 years ago.  Her message is one we should all pay attention to. “Thirteen years… Read More

Some Things Are Just Too Much To Swallow

As regular readers of this blog know, we  have written several times about a contract for $536,000 the state department of education wants to award to a Massachusetts firm, Class  Measures, a company with a prior relationship with state superintendent Mike Sentance. Our friend, Decatur Daily reporter Mary Sell continues to follow this story.  Here… Read More