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Texas Legislature Says “No” To Vouchers

As detailed in this article from the Houston Chronicle, earlier this week members of the Texas House of Representatives slammed the door on an effort to create vouchers for private schools. “Lawmakers in the midst of what promises to be an hours-long slog debating the state’s spending plan for the next biennium voted 103-44 in… Read More

More Bad News For Vouchers

Kevin Carey directs the Education Policy program at New America, a policy think tank.  He formerly was an analyst at the Education Trust and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.  He also writes for The New York Times.  In this article, Dismal Results From Vouchers Surprise Researchers as DeVos Era Begins, he takes a… Read More

New Louisiana Study Says Vouchers Don’t Work. But Don’t Tell Senator Del Marsh Because He Told Us This Week They Do

This week the state Senate passed another amendment to the Alabama Accountability Act–our deep-fried version of school vouchers.  The new bill was sponsored by Senator Del Marsh who explained to everyone who attended a recent public hearing on the bill that they are great. However, it was only passed by a 17-15 margin and seven… Read More

Are Vouchers The Silver Bullet For Education Woes?

Not according to the Brookings Institution, the oldest and one of the most-respected “think tanks” in the U.S. Here’s what they say after looking at the results of an exhaustive study of vouchers in Louisiana and Indiana. “Recent research on statewide voucher programs in Louisiana and Indiana has found that public school students that received… Read More