Your Opinion Counts. Don’t Forget To Take This Survey.

More than 600 people across Alabama have now responded to our survey about an elected vs. appointed state school board. But the more, the better. Go here to add your voice to those who have already taken the survey. And be sure and ask others to give us their opinion...

Former LEAD Academy Teacher Speaks Out

The voice on the other end of the phone line was polite, filled with the conviction of youth and disappointed that all people claiming to want the best for children are not sincere. I'd heard the same voice hundreds of times before.  Young people who had planned all...

Why Go Back To A Failed System?

So the legislature wants us to vote on March 3 to switch from an elected state school board to an appointed one.  But you have to wonder how many supporters of this change know that we once had an appointed state board that was deemed to be failing us--so we changed...

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