Washington County Educator Writes The Governor

If you think Millry, AL is small, (population 546 in 2010) then go a few miles west of town to the Aquilla community.  Its the kind of place that are sprinkled across the state.  You know, you see one of those little green signs with a name, but nothing more. This was...

Is There Life After Sweet Tea?

Like most deep-friend southern boys, I like sweet iced tea.  Like it a lot.  Never one for coffee, I have gulped down gallons and gallons of sweet tea, morning, noon and night.  A nectar of the Gods so to speak.  Regardless the weather outside, nothing beats a tall...

The Rape Of Washington County

If you are looking for peace and quiet and not many neighbors, my advice is to head for Washington County, AL.  The first county north of Mobile County and bordered on one side by Mississippi and the Tombigbee River on the other, the last census showed only17,629...

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