Josh Moon Blows The Whistle On LEAD Academy

Josh Moon has been an investigative reporter for years.  First for The Montgomery Advertiser, today he writes for The Alabama Political Reporter.  Never one to shy away from exposing the underbelly of political--and other-shenanigans--Moon lets the chips fall where...

Charter Commission Grills Woodland Prep

The newly re-constituted state charter school commission met in Montgomery on Sept 30 and one thing is quite clear.  There is a new sheriff in town. The state school board replaced four incumbent commission members on Aug. 8, one of whom was chairman Mac Buttram. ...

Things Montgomery Schools Should Consider

After thousands of miles and visits with countless teachers. principals and superintendents.  After sitting in school board meetings from one end of Alabama to the other (including some when I was a member of the Montgomery school board) and seeing it all from the...

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