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During the next three months, I have been invited to speak to groups in Dothan, Birmingham, Opelika, Tuscaloosa and Hamilton.  Some are meetings of educators, some of political folks and some are civic clubs.

As you can imagine, my topic is an honest look at what is happening to public education in Alabama these days, the influence of out-of-state “education experts” and their campaign contributions.   I also discuss the Alabama Accountability Act and the fact that it was intended to have far greater impact than it seemed at first glance.

This is NOT the time for those who believe in and support public education to remain silent because silence simply emboldens those who wish to cast public education in a bad light and open the door for more raids on dollars intended for public schools.

If you are looking for a presentation and think I might be able to help, let me know.


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3 Responses to Spreading The Word

  1. Larry, don’t forget to address the Charter School Bill. The fiscal note is the real tell-tale …I am still waiting for them to appoint the 4 administrators listed in the fiscal note as $500,000 . That means each person will receive $100,000 + benefits…when , where and who are these 4… and there is so much more in that note…NO one seems to be talking about it…they will just slip that in… This is another serious waste of money… here is fast access to that note and the full description…Link to fiscal note for charters

    • Charlotte,

      Excellent point. It is my understanding that while the charter school legislation does create more bureaucracy, these staff positions are being filled by existing ALSDE employees and not new ones. Still, this means there ain’t no free lunches.

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