SURVEY ALERT!! Need Your Input. Why Is Governor Ivey Playing Politics With Our Children?

Though we just did a survey a few weeks ago, because of the way things are happening in Montgomery, we need your input again.  And ASAP.

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Unfortunately Governor Kay Ivey is now playing politics with our children.  Three weeks ago she said she did not know enough about the performance of state school chief Mike Sentance to join state board members in evaluating him.  (By virtue of her office, she is president of the state board.)

However, she issued a statement on August 10 supporting Sentance and urging the board to give him more time.

Since it is highly unlikely that in that short time span she became intimately familiar with Sentance’s record, it is obvious that her August 10 statement was motivated more by politics than a real concern for public school students.  This is sad, especially considering that she was once a teacher.

What is your response to the governor’s action?

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3 Responses to SURVEY ALERT!! Need Your Input. Why Is Governor Ivey Playing Politics With Our Children?

  1. Teachers know a great deal abut Alabama’s School System because they are on the front lines everyday. Ask them about ALABAMA’s Educational needs. They just might have some good suggestions. And for the Children’s sake, take the Eraser, clean the board, and use the Governor’s chalk to write a better solution.

  2. Give her your ideals and then wait to see if the government will listen….If, they don’t STRIKE for two weeks….Do not talk to anyone, newspapers radio, TV, or your family….When the two weeks are up, ask if the State needs teachers or an educational system that works……You wouldn’t want the governor to teach Math. just like you wouldn’t want to be governor….The parents would go crazy…..Just saying…

  3. As I understand the past year, Mike Sentance was named as State Superintendent in August, 2016. The board gave their remarks and less than ideal review this summer.
    My question is simple. If a teacher was hired for first year and received that same review, would that teacher be rehired???
    It seems our school board chose someone without the necessary experience.
    Maybe this is a sign of the times: a superintendent with business background, but no educational experience and a president with business background, but no governmental experience.
    Would anyone hire me with 38 year experience in elementary education to be a doctor, lawyer, or a accountant??????????

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