Take a Break with Etta James

As I rush around from one meeting to another, or think about something else to write about I often turn on my car’s CD player and search for something that, at least for a bit, will cause me to turn to other things and even get a toe tapping.  I recently got a CD of Etta James’ (All-Time Greatest) that does that.

No doubt, she was one of the great voices of the last 50 years.  Soulful, passionate, dripping with emotion, this was Etta James to me.  Many of her songs were gospel and the combination of that voice and a wonderful choir created pure magic for someone whose roots sprang from deep in Alabama’s sandy soils.

So I pop in the CD and search out song number 9, I’ll fly awayA song I believe is as southern as boiled peanuts, cockleburs and kudzu.  I often hit repeat and listen to Etta over and over.  If you don’t begin to tap your feet and immediately see the world through a different lens, consult your doctor, ASAP

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  1. This made me smile. Thank you for this perfect piece of writing. I will be using it as an example in the writing classes that I teach.
    Rebecca McKay

    • Thank you for writing. Any day we can make another person smile is a very good day. Funny thing about writing. No way could I really explain why I write as I do. Honestly think that just as some play music by ear, some of us write by ear. At least I do. Just kinda hear what it is I’m trying to communicate and get out of the way when the words come along. On several occasions someone has told me, “When I read your words, I hear your voice.” Always thought that to be about the highest compliment a writer could get.

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