Teacher Panhandles For Classroom Supplies

Teresa Danks teaches third grade in Tulsa, OK.  Frustrated by what seems never-ending cuts in education funding across Oklahoma, Danks made a sign saying “Teacher Needs School Supplies” and deposited herself at a street corner in Tulsa.

You can read all about what she did in this article from Ed Week.

After raising $32 in a few minutes, Danks posted a picture of what she did on Facebook.  This caught the attention of a local TV station.  Then she was on Good Morning America.  Next she turned to a GoFundMe account that has garnered more than $25,000.  She plans to help other Tulsa teachers get supplies.

A survey in 2016 found that teachers spend an average of $530 out of their pocket for supplies.  And those in high-poverty schools spend $672.

With classrooms all over Alabama getting their final “make over” in preparation for a new wave of students, hundreds and hundreds of our teachers can relate to Teresa Danks.

And what was that about “the least of these?”




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