The Pot Keeps Boiling

Given all the commotion in regards to the appointment of Matt Brown by Governor Bentley to the state board of education, you could put this in the “bound to happen” column.

Someone, I do not know who, but am told a very involved public school mom in Baldwin County, has started an on-line petition to protest this appointment.  It states:

We are asking Governor Bentley to reconsider the appointment of Matthew Brown to Alabama State Board of Education because of a lack of qualifications. When hundreds of educators, parents and concerned citizens worked tirelessly to to pass a tax last March to help our schools in Baldwin County, Matthew Brown was leading the effort to defeat this vote. So a few months ago he is against helping public schools–now the governor wants us to believe he is the right person to support public education. Does a leopard change his spots?

Matthew never attended public school and has stated he will not send his own children to public schools. Plus, during the March campaign his group frequently distorted information in order to mislead voters. There are many well-qualified people who could serve on the state board from south Alabama, Mathew Brown is NOT one of them. We urge Governor Bentley to reconsider this appointment and give someone who will work FOR our public schools, instead of AGAINST them as Matthew Brown has done.


You can sign by following this link.

3 Responses to The Pot Keeps Boiling

  1. Please remove Matthew Brown from the Alabama State Board of Education as it is crystal clear he does not have the credintials necessary for the job. We NEED someone who will work for public education. He did not attend public education, nor do his very own children. This is absurd.
    Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

    Jennifer Mayes

  2. I don’t know anything about this guy but I still don’t understand how the fact that he and his children not going to public school makes him unqualified? If he has enough money to give his children a better education than what he sees in public schools, I would call that a smart man who loves his children. I don’t know his reasoning for not backing the funding bill and since you haven’t written about his side of it, I’m assuming you haven’t done that much research, which means you don’t have the whole story. Maybe the governor did.

  3. Sorry, but afraid it is not me who doesn’t have the whole story. Go back and read everything I’ve written about this situation. I have actually done a good bit of research As to his side of the story, I have emailed him twice asking him to respond to some questions so I can post them, but no response.

    If he wants to send his children to private school, I have no problem with that. But don’t sit in judgement on public school matters when you have no “skin in the game.”

    If Governor Bentley has the whole story, then he knows that Matt Brown put out a report in his job as head of the Eastern Shore MPO that said Baldwin County needs 16-20 schools in the future. Then he turned around and headed up a group to make sure the school system did not get money. And he did this while most of the board he was working for were supporting the school tax effort. Talk about a team player and an honorable guy. And this is what we need more of in Montgomery?