Too Good Not To Share

In the on-going saga about Governor Bentley appointing Matt Brown from Fairhope to serve on the state school board articles keep popping up like this one from and if you pay close attention, you come across some gems.

At the end of this article there are more than 100 comments.  Someone who goes by the pen name of Blackfoot Cat says this move by the governor is “like asking a preacher to run a topless bar!”

That is a classic and I will file it away.  (Of course at my age, that means I may remember it for about 24 hours.)

Having watched and played politics for more than 40 years, I have come to understand certain truths.  One is that ridicule kills any office holder.  When the public begins to discredit most of what you say or do, you are little more than a dead man walking.  You have lost your credibility and the end is in sight.

It is hard to see Matt Brown ever gaining credibility with the education community.  His strong stance against public education in the Baldwin County tax vote campaign is now too well known among superintendents, principals, teachers, etc.  He may say all the right words as he did in the interview with but few take them to heart.

The fact that he did not attend a meeting of all principals in Baldwin County on Thursday, after saying that he would, was a serious political misstep.  The governor appoints him, he talks about how he now wants to help public education–and then decided not to face nearly 50 principals in his home county.

Wonder what Blackfoot Cat would say about that.


2 Responses to Too Good Not To Share

  1. Thank you for this series of articles. Please keep the pressure on Matt Brown and Govenor Bentley!!!!!

  2. This is really not about Matt Brown or Governor Bentley. Instead, it is about the willingness of some folks to put a political agenda above the needs of the 90,000 students in public schools in this district.

    From what I’ve heard Matt Brown is a good young man. He is simply not qualified for this position based on his recent efforts to deny adequate funding for Baldwin County schools. Work crews put up 17 new portables in that system this summer. Gulf Shores Elementary has run out of space to put portables. But Matt Brown seems to think this is OK.

    Matt Brown obviously wants to move up the political ladder. But his political future is crashing and burning as we speak. There is no way he will ever have creditability with educators, given his recent record of opposing school funding.

    If he has suddenly become an advocate for public schools, why did he refuse to meet with nearly 50 Baldwin County principals last Thursday?

    Someone is playing him like a fiddle. People are already talking about who will run against him for state board next year. You don’t start a political career by getting whipped in a run for the state school board–you end it.

    As to my friend Governor Bentley, he signed the Alabama Accountability Act in 2013, one of the worst pieces of “education legislation” ever drafted in Alabama. (Actually it was not drafted in Alabama, but that is a tale for another time). Then earlier this year he signed the charter school bill that sets up more state bureaucracy, plus he signed an amendment to the accountability act that allows $30 million a year to be diverted from the Education Trust Fund.

    Now the governor is telling us that Matt Brown is the most qualified person in seven counties to be on the state board of education? He might as well tell us it will snow next Friday at Gulf Shores.